Support for the Bitcoin course: companies have already bought for 30 billion

At least 1.15 million Bitcoin of the total of 21 million are currently in the hands of companies. The current soaring price is most likely due to the companies‘ interest.

The website made an interesting list. The list shows companies that have invested part of their capital in Bitcoin (BTC).

Which companies invest in Bitcoin?

On the list, companies are divided into public companies, private companies, and ETF-like ventures. The major public companies include MicroStrategy Inc., Galaxy Digital Holdings and Square Inc. The biggest player in this area is MicroStrategy with 70,400 Bitcoin, which are now valued at over 1.9 billion USD.

Purely private companies also hold a lot of Bitcoin. For example, the former crypto exchange MTGOX KK from Japan still has more than 141,000 Bitcoin and thus tops this part of the list. This is followed by and „The Tezos Foundation“.

The giant among them all and leader of the ETF part is the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust, which manages more than 572,000 Bitcoin. Grayscale Investments offers cryptocurrency funds. This is followed by CoinShares / XBT providers with a remarkable 69,730 Bitcoin and Ruffer Investment Company with 45,000 coins.

How big is the Bitcoin share?

Even if the numbers may sound astronomical for private investors, all companies on the list “only” hold about 1.1 million of the total of 21 million minable Bitcoin . According to that would be 5.48% of the total. Mathematically, according to the current exchange rate, this Bitcoin is worth over USD 31 billion.

Is the strategy working?

As things stand, the companies that have invested in Bitcoin have made huge profits. For example, the long-standing, extremely successful CEO Michael Saylor stated in an interview that he sees Bitcoin as protection against rampant inflation. In December, his company invested its reserves in Bitcoin at his instigation and paid a total of USD 450 million for it. Meanwhile, the purchased Bitcoin are worth a total of USD 800,442,000. The investment has more than paid off.

What are the Bitcoin prospects like?

In the last few days, a previously unknown bull market for Bitcoin has developed, which is also pulling the other Altcoins up with it (exception: Ripple XRP). When you consider that there are still a large number of much larger players in the market, such as hedge funds and pension funds, you can look more than hopefully into the Bitcoin future. As soon as these giants get on board, there should be no stopping them.

Bitcoin stijgt naar $ 25.000, omdat Coinbase aangeeft dat het publiek wil gaan. RT’s Boom Bust onderzoekt de bewegingen in cryptocurrency

Bitcoin bereikte zijn nieuwe recordhoogte en brak boven $ 24.000, terwijl ’s werelds nummer één cryptocurrency zijn rally voortzet in het weekend voor Kerstmis.

De cryptocurrency eindigde zaterdag op $ 24.122, voordat hij zich terugtrok tot ongeveer $ 23.978, een stijging van bijna 5,5 procent op een dag, volgens de CoinDesk-index

Door de sterke stijging is de stijging sinds het begin van het jaar 225 procent.

Ondertussen zei de prominente cryptocurrency-makelaardij Bitcoin Code dat het papierwerk had ingediend bij de Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), waardoor de weg werd vrijgemaakt voor een eventuele beursintroductie (IPO).

Bitcoin zou $ 400.000 waard moeten zijn op basis van zijn schaarste – Guggenheim CIO

Maar aangezien de oorspronkelijke basis van cryptocurrency was om iedereen financiële vrijheid te bieden en te ontsnappen aan de traditionele beperkingen van de banksector, kan de beweging van Coinbase naar Wall Street een aantal dramatische veranderingen in de markt oproepen.

Christy Ai, op RT’s Boom Bust, onderzoekt of investeerders zullen uitbetalen na deze spil, weg van alles waar de industrie voor staat.

Moscow authorities will develop a system to create digital profiles of citizens for 280 million rubles

The Moscow Mayor’s Office ordered the development of a system aimed at creating a detailed digital profile of users of all city services. This is reported by Open Media with reference to materials on the government procurement website.

According to them, the authorities intend to create an „information system for monitoring and analysis of Internet activity“. The initial tender price is 280 million rubles.

The user profile should include data on arrears and fines, travel document and social security card. The system will compare data with information from public Wi-Fi access points and from operators, track „territorial bans“ and „medical violations“, and take into account data from social surveys.

In addition, the system aims to track „loyalty“. What is meant by this is not stated in the documentation.

All data must be impersonal and must not contain a name or place of birth, and the system „will not infringe on the secret of private life,“ said Eduard Lysenko, head of the Moscow IT Department.

However, experts are concerned about its possible use:

„This is a unified system for tracking Muscovites, centralising all data about us,“ said technical director of RosKomSvoboda Stanislav Shakirov.

He noted that such systems can indeed help officials plan the city’s infrastructure, but they „always lay down possible tracking mechanisms“:

„I am almost sure that the information in this system will be personalised down to every citizen, and most likely it will be possible to buy it at some point on the black market, as now you can buy information from CCTV cameras with automatic face recognition“.

Initially, the system was aimed at analysing user activity. With its help, the mayor’s office can already collect data to create a ‚portrait‘ of a person, including sex, age, income and the like. It can also find relationships between users.

We would like to remind you that the Moscow Traffic Organisation Centre intends to use a special system to monitor passenger traffic via smartphones.

Bitcoin’s „fear and greed index“ has never been on „extreme greed“

Crash harbinger? Bitcoin’s „fear and greed index“ has never been on „extreme greed“ for this long

  • The Bitcoin Anxiety and Greed Index has been set at „Extreme Greed“ for over a month.
  • The recent price rally and bullish developments have strengthened investor confidence.
  • Such an exuberance in the market could point to an impending correction.

The Bitcoin „Fear and Greed Index“ remains at „Extreme Greed“. The instrument used to analyse Bitcoin Machine market sentiment has not fallen below its peak since the beginning of November.

The fear and greed index now lasts over a whole month and has never spent so many days at such a high level. According to the index’s creators, such overwhelming investor confidence could indicate an impending decline in Bitcoin prices.

Investors still greedy, as Bitcoin is close to its all-time high

The price of Bitcoin has increased by about 80% in the last two months. The leading crypto currency was traded at around $10,600 on 5 October. Today, a single Bitcoin costs over $19,130.

The dramatic rise in price, which caused BTC to surpass its all-time high on some exchanges, has also led to a return of immense optimism in the crypto-currency industry. This is illustrated by the crypto currency market sentiment analysis tool, the fear and greed index.

The Fear and Greed Index draws its data from market volatility, dynamics and volume, social media exposure, BTC dominance and surveys. It combines these sources to give a score of 100, which corresponds to a general descriptor of either extreme fear, anxiety, neutrality, greed or extreme greed.

Since 5 November, the metric has been „Extreme greed“. This is by far the longest period of such market optimism in its history.

Even the slump below $16,700 at the end of last month has not shaken investor confidence in the market. The fear and greed index remained above 86 out of 100 points during the brief downtrend. It promptly climbed back up to 93. Anything above 80 stands for „extreme greed“.

Is the market too confident in the short term?

The recent rise in prices and the resulting market confidence seems to be due to large-scale purchases by a number of companies. These include MicroStrategy, which has just added another $50 million worth of BTC to its own colossal inventory, PayPal and Square, and Grayscale.

The overwhelming bullish sentiment is also contributed to by the increasing number of valuations from the world of traditional finance and investment. Financial institutions such as Citibank, Deutsche Bank and JP Morgan have all expressed optimism about the future of BTC. Even legendary investment figures like Paul Tudor Jones and Stan Druckenmiller have expressed optimism.

Although the Bitcoin industry has much to be confident about, the aforementioned index itself suggests that BTC may be overbought – at least in the short term. The website where the tool is hosted suggests that this overwhelming greed could be a sign that the market is ready for a correction.

Those expecting a correction base their opinion on a maxim of the famous investor, billionaire and BTC denier Warren Buffett. Buffett coined the popular maxim: „Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful“.

Unfortunately, the fear and greed index has only existed since February 2018, so we cannot compare the latest phase of „extreme greed“ with the last time BTC approached $20,000 in December 2017.

However, most analysts agree on one point. The conditions for the current price rise are completely different from the earlier all-time high that preceded the prolonged bear market of 2018.

La strada non è stata presa: Il fratello geloso sostiene che il gemello ha guadagnato 10 milioni di dollari in Bitcoin

„La sua ricchezza in Bitcoin da sola è più di 100 volte superiore al mio intero patrimonio netto“, sostiene il gemello „muto“.

Molti ritardatari di Bitcoin spesso si lamentano del fatto di non aver avuto la possibilità di acquistare monete quando il prezzo era inferiore a 1.000, 100 o anche 1 dollaro. Tuttavia, un Redditor dice che la sua situazione è ancora peggiore in quanto è costretto a confrontare la sua „stupida“ decisione di investire in argento con la decisione molto più saggia del suo fratello gemello di sostenere Bitcoin.

La storia – che potrebbe essere apocrifo data la fonte è un conto usa e getta chiamato „TheDumbTwin“ – sostiene che i due fratelli hanno ricevuto ciascuno un’eredità di 100.000 dollari nel 2013, ma hanno preso strade finanziarie drasticamente diverse.

„Sono stato un bug d’argento, e ho sostenuto che l’argento era, IMO, il miglior investimento alternativo alle azioni e alle obbligazioni“, ha detto il Redditor.

„Aveva appena saputo della Bitcoin ed era convinto che il rendimento potesse essere esponenziale. Avevo sostenuto con veemenza contro il Bitcoin, dicendo che era pura speculazione e che sarebbe stato un totale spreco di denaro“.
TheDumbTwin ha sostenuto che, nonostante le sue proteste, suo fratello ha investito circa 50.000 dollari in Bitcoin (BTC) quando il prezzo era di 100 dollari (l’asset cripto è rimasto sotto i 200 dollari fino a fine ottobre 2013), il che significa che potrebbe aver acquistato circa 500 BTC. Con il Bitcoin che ha recentemente raggiunto il (precedente) massimo storico del 2017, le monete varrebbero oggi circa 9,6 milioni di dollari.

Il gemello sostiene che gli investimenti del fratello sono ora valutati oltre 10 milioni di dollari, mentre i 30.000 dollari che ha scelto di mettere in argento sono scesi a 26.000 dollari di valore. Nel gennaio 2013, l’argento valeva più di 30 dollari per oncia, mentre oggi il metallo prezioso è di circa 24 dollari per oncia.

„La sua ricchezza in Bitcoin da solo è più di 100 volte superiore al mio intero patrimonio netto“, ha detto.

„Aveva appena saputo del Bitcoin ed era convinto che il ritorno potesse essere esponenziale. Avevo sostenuto con veemenza contro il Bitcoin Trader, dicendo che era pura speculazione e che sarebbe stato un totale spreco di denaro“.
Anche se la storia non può essere verificata in modo indipendente, il concetto di opportunità perse è un concetto che i Bitcoiner conoscono bene, dato che l’asset criptato si trova a una distanza impressionante di 20.000 dollari per la prima volta in tre anni. I redditor sono stati rapidi nell’offrire i loro pensieri e consigli:

„Praticamente ogni singolo giorno della tua vita, perdi un’opportunità di investimento che potrebbe farti guadagnare milioni“, ha detto jackgundy.

„Non mettere mai tutte le tue uova in un solo paniere“, ha detto spatialsilver88. „Non devi scegliere tra l’argento e il cripto. Avresti potuto fare entrambe le cose“.

A differenza di noti gemelli nello spazio cripto, come Tyler e Cameron Winklevoss, la cui ricchezza sembra essere cresciuta in tandem, dato che hanno fondato insieme i Gemelli, il gemello „muto“ sostiene di „non riuscire a superare il pensiero travolgente“ del perché non abbia preso lo stesso percorso finanziario del fratello.

„Cerco di essere grato per quello che ho, e cerco di essere grato perché so che molte altre persone nel mondo ne hanno di molto peggio“, ha detto. „Ma non so se riuscirò mai a superarlo“.

Redditor folkwoodswest, ha riassunto al meglio il tutto con una citazione attribuita al presidente degli Stati Uniti Theodore Roosevelt:

„Il confronto è il ladro della gioia.“